Meanwhile in Finland, We meet a star who has experienced a meteoric rise living the dream of a full-time life creating their art. While their portfolio might seem small at first, it’s clear that this one’s a grower, not a shower, and this artist’s sack is full of new ideas. An avid lover of sci-fi, videogames… and giving all your favorite game girls huge fuckin’ dicks… We speak of course of Big Johnson, the only bastard known who has earned that title. Were there enough euphemisms? Maybe there could have been more…

You’ve probably stumbled over Johnson’s high-quality work in the past. It gets around. I hesitate to mention Special Delivery only because everyone does around Big Johnson ad nauseam, but it’s really impossible to avoid talking about at this point when mentioning Big Johnson. It’s the star of Johnson’s catalog, a very gratuitous, feature-length, 30-minute fever dream of SFM animation, sound design, and voice acting, proving how hungry people are for longer form, higher quality adult content. It’s an incredibly rare feat of accomplishment for an independent artist that deserves all of its recognition, praise, and views, currently standing at almost four million on Pornhub at the time of writing this. Of course, after reading this, it’ll deserve a few more. Most artists would think it crazy to invest years of their time into a single project like that for Special Delivery, but Big Johnson proves that not only can it be done, it can pay off. It proves what’s possible for some creators working in this industry and it’s exciting to think about what might be possible if Big Johnson is allowed to continue flourishing.

In any case, Big Johnson doesn’t sell their work short and they aren’t afraid to dream BIG. We wish there were more like Big Johnson out there, but then again, hey, if everyone were big, no one would be. 


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