What’s been really nuts about following 3D artists for NSFI is seeing essentially a generation of artists emerge that all got their start thanks to the tools in SFM. It’s a gateway drug into this world if there ever was one… and someday we’ll have to thank Valve properly.

Bewyx is one such graduate of the SFM school, and their study has paid off, working with the greater possibilities Blender has to offer. The first time I saw one of Bewyx’s animations, I thought they were using real motion capture for their animation. That’s how seamless some of their finest work is, and it’s not that easy to fool a trained eye.

What follows is a very no-nonsense approach to animation, however. Bewyx doesn’t mess around or bother with much setup, and they are incredibly resourceful. There’s only one thing they’re trying to perfect, specializing in this one area to make that glimpse of the perfect moment.


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