Yeah, really.

One of the best things about 3DX (and other forms of erotic render and illustration, for that matter) is that they literally let your fantasies go wild. Live action porn is all good and all, but by nature it is constrained to things that, you know… exist. Now, when an artist enters the picture, anything can happen!

There’s been a strong resurgence lately of monster presence in 3DX, due in part to the release of the Resident Evil remakes. Suddenly, people can’t get enough of their Jill Valentines and Clare Redfields getting naughty with some hugely-endowed zombies and undead creatures. If you don’t believe us, all you have to do is check out the countless new illustrations and comics coming out on that line. (3DZen’s Resident Evil XXX being a house favorite).

But this is just the tip of the iceberg on a huge monster culture here in the 3DX community. So let’s take this chance to examine the matter way more deeply! (Pun intended.”

Why monsters?

Monsters and other fantastic creatures swarm the imaginary worlds of 3DX. Orcs, nagas, werewolves, minotaurs and mermaids are only some examples of the vast array of creatures our artists can come up with, and give them life, pairing them up with warriors and fair maidens alike. 

There is something raw and deeply erotic about these creatures, something enticing that invites us to go beyond our daily experiences. And there’s good reason for that! As products of human imagination, they reflect our primal instincts, our animal emotions and pulsions. They connect us back with the world of nature we come from, of wild beasts and unhindered, untamed beauty. Through them, we experience vicariously our own wildness! 

Who couldn’t feel moved by the raw virility of an alpha male, reflected in the strong, hugely endowed bodies of minotaurs and orcs? Who isn’t drawn to the round and soft fertility of nymphs and mermaids? Who doesn’t long for the sexual and spiritual freedom of werewolves? As portrayals of our own primal desires, monsters are here to stay, and of course, fuck for our delight!

Also, tentacles!

Another great thing about monsters is how their anatomies go beyond those of normal humans, allowing us to see and experience sexual possibilities beyond our wildest dreams. The tentacle monster has basically become a house staple, with its capacity to give those kinky embraces, stimulate our ladies of choice in new and fun ways, and of course, give them some first class penetration in every spot they have!

Artwork by OMGsp0t

But the anatomical variety, of course, doesn’t end there. Artists can basically imagine any monster they want, and have fun giving them the craziest, more scintillating sexual features! Dimensions can be exaggerated to increase the hotness of their bodies and sex play, tails and other appendices can get naughty looking for a slit or hole to pay a visit to… The only limit here is, again, our own imagination!!


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  • BP, April 2, 2020 @ 11:14 am

    Monster sex and 3Dx go hand and hand, the best thing about 3D Porn is the fantasy and things you could never do in real life, nice article.

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