Frideld: First of all, I’d like to know how the idea of working on 3DX came to you. Were you working on 3D art before? Did you do erotic illustration prior to 3D renders? Tell us how you got started on the medium.

  • Mo0nX: I used to draw and do photo manipulations before I got into doing 3D art. It all started when I saw a commercial for Devil May Cry in the cinema. Not too long after I finished the game I felt like I wanted to play more with the character that I basically idolized, so I searched for tools to get a hold of the main character Dante so I could further explore the character and that’s how it started. 

    The first 3D program I ever used was XNA Lara, and it occurred to me after a while that I was just making pictures of the character and they just didn’t look good enough when I was comparing them with other people’s images, so I started looking into more options of what I could do to make Dante look better, and that’s when I started using 3DS Max Vray as my rendering engine. I’m not going to lie, a lot of programs were very hard for me to learn in the absence of an educational system, so because funds were also short and I was curious to learn more on how I could make a textured object look better in the images I was creating, I started to befriend other artists to learn more about some programs.

F: Interesting! So it was a video game that motivated you to explore 3D art. Did you make the jump to spicy stuff right then or did it take you some time to start creating NSFW?

  • M: I started NSFW art from the get go, since the game had a nude model for the main character Dante it was a lot easier for me to make this type of content, not to mention there were already various NSFW assets for XNA Lara, including male genitalia. At the start I was mainly doing nude male pin-ups of Dante before I got into the spicy stuff, since I was still learning everything.

F: You’ve done a lot of amazing renders of characters from video games and some movies, but you also have quite a few OCs of your own. Do you remember who was the first OC you created, and what inspired you to make him?

  • M: Hmmm… I’d say my first ever 3D OC would be Hazel, and I wasn’t particularly inspired by anyone when I made him., I just had a look I was going for, and I sat down sculpting him until I got the result I had in my head.

F: Is that how you often make your OCs? You come up with a look and then sculpt a model around that image in your head? Or is it different from character to character?

  • M: It’s different from character to character, some characters are based off models/ actors. I mix certain features together so they have a unique look; or I just have a look in my head that I’m going for and I sculpt until I get them looking the way I want.

F: Your talent for replicating characters and real life actors is very remarkable. Do you have any system or technique that you use to nail them down so perfectly, or is it something that comes instinctively to you?

  • M: Thank you! What I find most useful when I am recreating a character and/ or actor is to have as many reference pictures as you can. If there is a 3D model available that’s even better because you have the ability to rotate the model and see every single angle of the character which makes production of making models somewhat easier. It still takes a lot of time, but less time. 

    When I am working on a real life actor model, I search for a good while, looking for as many references as I can: front, 3/4, and side view. Most male actors have shirtless pictures all over the Internet so that helps when I am recreating their bodies.

F: You are a Male on Male creator in 3DX, a world vastly dominated by futa, straight and lesbian art. In your experience, do you think this was an obstacle for you to establish yourself as an artist? What are your thoughts about the lack of representation of the gay community in 3DX?

  • M: Personally for me, I didn’t really see it as an obstacle, and let me tell you why. While it is true that those types of art are more prevalent in the 3DX world, I really try to bring out as much male x male art that I can. I feel that many people are afraid of rendering guys because they don’t want to be judged for including a nude male in their artwork, which is why they render girls with packages to replace the guys. That way they can really get the best of both worlds.

    I think there isn’t enough 3D homoerotic content out there, that is why making art of the characters that people love has been so rewarding for me: because it feels like I’m filling the blanks for that type of content. 

    Over the past couple years, there has been a rise in gay 3dx content. However, I feel not enough artists are coming forward to share their work.

F: So you said that you started out with XNA Lara and then moved on to 3DS Max Vray. Which software are you currently using to create and render your images?

  • M: Yes, that is correct. From XNA Lara to 3ds Max Vray to Blender Cycles. Right now I am currently using and rendering in DAZ 3D via Nvidia Iray.

F: What hardware do you use to run those programs?

  • M: Right now I have an i9, with a Gforce RTX 2080TI, with a 32 GB ram.

F: So, going back to your characters and your creative process. Is there any character or characters that you particularly enjoy making renders of? Or a favourite ship or pairing you like?

  • M: I typically only make characters that I have interest in. If I had to pick a few characters that I enjoy making renders of they would have to be Nero and Dante from the reboot. 

    I’ve somewhat created my own universe that the characters live in, I call it the Mo0nXverse, where the characters are able to develop relationships between each other how I see fit. For instance, around 2017 I decided to introduce Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4 into my universe and I instantly paired him with Dante Reboot. I would constantly render them together as they were a couple in my universe, but in 2019 when Devil May Cry 5 came out, Nathan and Dante broke up and Dante started dating Nero. Eventually I married them in my universe and ever since, I render them together as husbands.

    It might sound weird to some people, but I really like to give back stories to the characters rather than just make porn with them and not give any context. On my Patreon, I tend to add a story behind every single post I do. Usually, when I make a render, I come up with a backstory so people know what was going through my head at the time.

F: Story is great for giving erotic pin-ups some context and meaning. It definitely adds value to what you do. So, speaking of Patreon, you’re approaching a supporter goal in which you stated you’ll start making animations. (Our readers should totally support this man on Patreon to see his amazing stuff and help him reach his goal, wink wink.) Do you already have plans on what you want to animate once you get there? Any scene or character you have in mind?

  • M: Currently, I am learning more about animating. I’ve played around here and there with animating in various programs, but I still haven’t found one that I will stick with at this point in time. I will for sure be ready by the time that goal is reached; at the moment, I am looking into Maya as a main source of animating, or Blender. Maya has an amazing rendering engine/ animating system but so does Blender. 

    I know for sure when I start fully taking time for animations, I would be rendering Nero a lot; and Dante, of course. It all depends on what I’m feeling when the time comes.

F: What other plans do you have for the future? Is there a new character you’re thinking about incorporating to your worlds? Or a story you’d like to portray with your art?

  • M: Hmmm… Future plans, I have idea’s that I would like to work on, but I just gotta find the right moments to work on them. I typically have sets planned, but I go based on the month; for instance, I may have an idea for Halloween, and it will be like July, so I map out a few ideas and start rendering those ideas during that respective month. 

    As for new characters, I am always making new characters, it all really depends on what new games/ movies come out. I never really announce them until they are done as I typically have a lot I work on at once. I don’t use game models like a lot of people do. Now, I am not saying by any means that it’s wrong to use game models, but I prefer to recreate the characters in Daz with Zbrush. I carefully sculpt each and every one of them by hand. Also, spend a good amount of time making their textures, trying to replicate them as close to their game models as possible.

F: And it shows. Your work is very meticulous and the results are proof of that.

To wrap up, what would you say to artist who want to get started in the world of 3DX? What piece of advice or words of wisdom you have for them?

  • M: If I’m being honest, the best advice I can give to people wanting to get into the world of 3DX is: try and find a program that suits you best. It took me a few programs until I found one that I’m most comfortable with. 

    Don’t compare yourself to other artists, and try to develop your own style. Being inspired by other artists is fine, but do not become a cookie cutter artist because that is not something you want to be known for.

F: That’s some great advice. Thank you so much for your time!


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