Mission Cumpossible

Everyone loves reading about sexy super agents fighting secret organizations and keeping the world safe from baddies. Eris3D, an awesome new creator we’ve taken on in the store, knows it too well, and they’ve taken the trope to it’s ultimate height in “Lewdist”! Eris’ renderings are jaw droppingly gorgeous and highly dick-tailed. Oh, I meant detailed, right…

It’s like a Bazooka!

A beautiful blonde agent, Mia, is called out to investigate a secret, robed organization…yeah, with the torches and underground facility and everything; they’re legit. What you might not know is that this organization employs a few sexy agents of their own, and it just so happens that they’re looking for someone to test their new serum on…

One thing leads to another, and dun dun DUNNN, Mia is captured! When she wakes up, she’s shocked to find that she’s not only outrageously horny, but her captor is a drop dead gorgeous redhead with big tits, a big ass, and…well, something that’s about as big as a bazooka between her legs!

If your mission is to collect fantasy fueled sets that feature futanari, stunning renders and Sci-fi huge cock ladies, then you will swoon at this 80 image thrill ride! Mia quickly becomes an agent of oral as she struggles to swallow even half of her captor’s ri-donkulous D, but the redhead has no intention of letting the poor girl off with just a blowjob. A mission gone wrong may soon turn into an ahegao ordeal for the trained tramp, but she doesn’t seem to mind too much.

 Will Mia be able to fight the effects of the mysterious  serum? Will she be able to escape the ceremonious creampie that awaits her? Will agent Mia be MIA as a villainess’ personal cock sleeve?! You’re definitely going to want to find out!