Comfort Food

Ah, the local diner. Every town has one: a good ol’ place to grab a juicy burger, a crispy pile of salty fries, and a thick, creamy cum milkshake!

Wait…cum milkshake?! What world am I living in? Oh wait, I just finished reading 3DZen’s new comic, of course!

D-licious Desserts

What’s better than one cute futanari bombshell? You thought I was gonna say two, huh? Well, how about a whole handful?! Zen has been running two amazing futa series for quite awhile, but for the first time ever, “Futa Plaything” meets “Futa Twins” in this fifth entry into the series!

Kayla meets Shelly and Lauren at ‘Phuta’s’ while Kylie finishes up her interview (see twins part 4). Between one of the patron’s drinking way too many “milkshakes” and Kayla not realizing their special ingredient, things won’t stay tame for very long…

Holy geez, there’s a ton happening in this set! Zen ties together two stories while setting up these girls for an explosive orgy, but don’t think there’s not enough ‘shake’ to go around. This 95 page set brings the ‘full package’ with creampies, blowjobs, facials, aphrodisiac cum overdosing, and…yeah, I’m gonna need another paragraph…

3DZen is planning a part 2 to this, so make sure you’re current with both series, for…research purposes. Honestly, the context will help a lot, cause’ there’s so much happening here, but perhaps not as much as these petite and big titted gals can dispense!