Cafe: Hey there, Miki, thank you so much for agreeing to do one of our ‘sneak peek’ interviews! We’re excited to hear about the projects you’ve got coming up, but I have to get at least one question off my chest: what was your inspiration for ‘The Experiment‘ series, and did you think people would love it as much as they have?

Miki: Hi Cafè! My pleasure!

Well, talking about the Experiment Series, I think everything started with a very old “fetish”, let’s call it, for those fantasy/sci-fi movies containing transformations and genetic mutations. I’m reminded of movies like The Fly, Resident Evil or most superhero movies. Later, when I started reading hentai, some plots came to my mind in a mix of medical fetish and bdsm stories. I already had knowledge of 3D,  so when I came into the 3DX world I immediately started drafting what you now see in my works.
Even if my initial projects were not so close to the genres mentioned before, in one way or another they are coming together in a sort of big picture which revolves around the Research Lab and Dr. Valery’s experiments.

To be honest, I didn’t imagine so much appreciation for the Experiment Series, and I was a little scared when I released the third chapter: it is certainly the most extreme of all my sets.
Now let’s see how the next chapter will be received, the expectation is really high but I hope the time spent refining it will be worth the wait.

Cafe: I’m certain it will be: your fans will not be disappointed!

So, here’s the big question: what’s next? I know it’s not as simple as it sounds!

Miki: Well, let’s start with what’s happening right now. The Experiment Chapter Four is in its final stages, so I had time to plan and start the next project.

I also started learning blender, a complete 3D suite, with the aim of improving my workflow and having more freedom when dealing with animations. Still testing it but I’m happy with the first results:  let’s see if I can develop my next work with this new pipeline, I think the product would be great!
But, getting back to the important stuff. I was torn between two projects: “The Dark Room”, that’s basically the sequel of “Bimbo Training Session Three”, and the sequel of “Finally Together”, which stars Catherine (Anna’s Stepmom).

To be honest I was going to take a break from BDSM and I was about to start the Finally Together sequel but…I couldn’t resist, and I began working on the Dark Room environment, as well as studying the first frames of the story, where Denise is not in a very comfortable pose…but well, a punishment is a punishment!

Cafe: Going to Blender is a pretty huge jump, but very exciting! We’re certain that your fans will love the new direction, and we look forward to seeing either of these sequels in the works! In the meantime, best of luck with your switch over, and keep us posted!

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