In these trying times, we could all use a little more color. A little more texture. A little more protection. If you’re a 3D creator looking for all three of these things in one place, then boy oh boy, do we have an asset for you!

-Fully customizable latex suit for DAZstudio by Miki3DX-

Girls in skintight latex? Uh, yes please. Miki has pulled out all the stops on this one: this is a fully fledged, deeply developed package. Even if latex isn’t your thing, this product has so many options that it’s sure to please even the pickiest purveyor.

Why? I’m glad you asked…

-Suit up!-

One of the breast features (yeah, I said it, sue me) are the outfits themselves. Choose from 1 of 20 available options: let those titties breathe or strap em’ down as you see fit. Get exactly the look you want: every piece of clothing comes complete with different trim shapes.

Get your honey looking fresh and fly with a myriad of IRAY materials:  both the main and trim colors can be adjusted accordingly.

The coolest feature (in my opinion) is the transparency adjustment. This gives the artist the ability to turn the material completely sheer, offering an aesthetic that looks more like cashmere than latex.

From one extreme to the other, if you absolutely love the latex look, you can get your girls looking shinier and sleeker than a newly waxed sports car.

-Hold that pose-

Is your girl wanting to strut her stuff in classic pin up style? Perhaps she wants to rock one leg up over a willing sub, or she’s getting ready to ride the 69’. However convex or concave you need your curves, Miki’s got you covered with Joint Controlled Morphs.

If your girl is feeling particularly flexible and acrobatic, extreme adjustments can be made on the fly.

-Speaking of flies…-

Pack it in or let it all hang out, the suit features a fully adjustable, easily tuned zipper. No butts about it, the zipper goes all the way back to the rear for all those late night, ‘backdoor’ activities.

Our futa and dickgirl counterparts have their very own fill in options, as well, so nobody will feel left out… unless, well, they want to let it out…

For deeper customization, utilities for zippers and other fine tuning options have been added.

Take a look at some of these top tier artists who have taken full advantage of Miki’s awesome latex suit.

This product will be available soon in the Nextgenporn creator store, so stay tuned!


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