As summer edges closer and closer, we ‘edge’ with it: with a whopping, unprecedented 8 new futanari products! You read that right: we’ve added a handful and a half of well hung sets to the store this past May, from four incredible creators, and this time, it’s futa or bust! Or, you know, busting futas…

New Releases by Eris 3D

With a dash of comedy, a big ass serving of huge tits, and a heaping helping of body transformation, Eris comes out swinging with 3 sets! This creator doesn’t put out anything that could be considered ‘vanilla’: there’s always a spin, and that spin usually involves well endowed beauties going off like queens! 

No Nut November

Amelia learns about the fabled ‘NNN’ and attempts the challenge! A futa not cumming for a month? What could possibly go wrong? After some involuntary orgasm denial and unexpected, pants ripping cock growth, Amelia learns the hard way just where Succubi come from…

Unusual Couple

Blonde angels, demons, sorcery, and…politics?! Eris pushes sexy, wacky genre lines yet again with this gigantic, MASSIVE set featuring cock size stealing, BDSM, DP and sounding! Just shy of three hundred pages, I repeat, 300 pages (Dude, freaking 300!), this delightfully twisted tale is like no other switchy throat fucking, creampie-ing romp you’ve ever seen! Actually, have you seen many of those??

Lillian’s island

In the mood for some ass-to-ass doggy-style double sided futa fucking? You know: if anyone creates such oddly specific fetishes, it’s Eris! A twosome quickly turns into a girly cum rod threesome as the insatiable Lillith doms her way to glory! Everyone knows that sub futas have to self suck while they get anally stuffed, right?

New Releases by Paradox 3D

Warm breezes, adventure, and of course, delectable, dripping pussy and rock hard girl dick: Paradox 3D releases a triple header that incidentally has tons of ‘head’ in it. There are so many incredible expressions and POV shots in these, and if you love big, suckable, well rendered nipples, stop reading right now and check these out!

Lost Island

The only thing Findis ahd Dahlia love more than adventure is each other…a lot. So much in fact, that once they start sucking, riding cowgirl and pounding right on the docks, they can’t stop. One facial and full body elven cumshot isn’t enough: these lovers are just getting started with being ‘lost’ in each other…

Lost Island: Sweet Haven

Paradox had to break up their insatiable love session into multiple parts, because these girls cannot get enough of each other! A tit fuck kicks off the second round, followed by reverse cowgirl and deep doggy. Findis loves having her cute asshole played with while she’s getting pounded, and Dahlia is more than happy to finish what she started… all over her anal obsessed lover!

Lost Island: Sea Breeze

Yes, they’re still fuckin’! These two sex obsessed love birds have been going at it literally all day, but their lust has only intensified. Dahlia takes her time fingering her lover’s accepting ass, but soon introduces a shiny sexy toy. After using it to stretch Findis’ perfect pussy, she goes down on that tasty slit. Findis is more than happy to return the oral favor, and after another full round of deep penetration, Dahlia proves that elven dickgirls can shoot lady sauce till the sun goes down!

New Release by 3DZen

Futa twins 3.5: Lauren’s Turn

3DZen continues their dickgirl tradition by adding a continuation entry to the Futa Twins series! Starting off right where part 3 left off, Zen even numbered the pages to make one big comic for those who own the previous set! Who said sets can’t have DLC?

Kylie and Lauren are already getting busy by the pool, but guess what? It’s Lauren’s turn! One round of anal fucking isn’t enough for Kylie, and Lauren eagerly invites her rock hard friend to stick her glorious girl dick right into her hungry mouth!

DP fans: don’t miss out on this one! 3DZen adds 3 unique double penetration scenes, along with some futa pussy licking and of course, massive, sticky creampies!  

New Release by Brynhildr

Futanari Collection 3

Brynhildr is one of 3DXs most fearless creators when it comes to building thick, juicy, did I mention THICC girls? Their futanari models are no different: this third entry into the futa collection series is the phattest yet!

Slick, shiny, sleek, and stacked as all hell, some of your favorite (and lesser represented!) R34 characters have never looked more mouthwatering. These ladies love to pose with their throbbing shafts on full display, and if you’re not afraid of monsters, Bryn isn’t either!