Ready to Lose Control

Ready for some mind blowing, high quality 3D animations from one of the most premiere content creators out there? Enter Puppetmaster! Purveyor of futanari, fluid movement guru and controller of hard, girly erections: if you don’t already know, you’ll quickly find out just how much control this Puppetmaster really has.

We’ve got a whole line up of cum shooting, dick stroking, self sucking games and animations that will make your head spin. Check it!

Sensual Adventures part 5 & 6

This series has come a long way since part 1. What started as a reunion of sorts between friends has morphed into something much, much greater…and stickier.

It’s not necessary to have seen the other entries, but the “Sensual Adventures” series is full of cool twists and turns. And cum. Lots of girl cum. 

Most recently, the girls: beautiful blonde Brittany and gorgeous ebony Trinity, have had quite a time in Cairo, and are trying to grab some R&R at a fancy resort. Not surprisingly, they get the attention of a hot hostess there, and the fireworks fly! But that’s just the beginning…

In two episodes alone, Puppetmaster packs a bevvy of bouncing tits and big ass cumshots! Mutual masturbation, blowjobs, double penetration and group sex in ways few animations can compare to!

After Jasmine takes a double load to the face, an all out orgy ensues the night after, pushing the sexual limits of the two dickgirl lovers in a spit roast cascade of pussy stuffing raunchiness that you’ll want to watch over and over again.

Speaking of watching over again, Puppetmaster loves adding extras. Night and day mode, music or no music, and, oh yes, the voice acting in these animations is superb! Come for the production value, stay for the spewing girlcocks!

SA The Game

What are two full package futa girls supposed to do while they wait for their flight to Cairo? Hmm…I wonder…

Brittany and Trinity go off (literally) in whatever way you choose in this full fledged, interactive adventure! Taking its cues from the long running animated series, these girls are brought to entirely new depths across 5 story mode chapters.

So much more than just static loops, Puppetmaster plans on adding to this already extensive game with even more content. With 17 sex positions and the ability to swap who’s bangin’ who, there are hours worth of gameplay to be had here. Hell, there’s even a hands free mode…

Despite the awesome scenes, great dialogue and polished UI, it’s the amount of customization that really makes this game shine. With over 70 garment/accessory options(like piercings and makeup!), and hair and skin color changes, you can make the girls look however you want. Puppetmaster even gives the option for ‘balless’ futa and cock veininess: how many futa titles give you that?!

This is more of an opinion than anything, but I’ve seen interactive games with much less content sell for more. At this price, SA the game is an absolute steal, and you won’t regret supporting one of the best, most innovative futa creators in the biz!

Brittany Home Alone

The premise is simple: A horny young blonde futa wants to cum…hard. no problem, right? Why complicate such a simple thing with 180+ options…

If a girl’s gonna cum, she should do it right! Home alone and ready to hose down everything, interact, dress up and stroke Brittany to gasping, moaning climaxes!

This is an upgraded version of the original, with better quality, sexy poses and more settings than you can shake a dick at!

Professionally voice acted and lovingly rendered, Brittany is all set to enjoy hundreds of heart pounding jizzfests, all within the comfort of her own home. Her own, very messy, very wet home…