34 problems but a rule ain’t one

As we all know, if it exists, there is porn of it. Seemingly nothing is sacred, but some icons and characters are more prone to being what the NSFW community has affectionately dubbed, “lewded”. It’s nothing short of a social phenomenon, much to the dismay of companies and devs rolling out their innocent mascots. 

Obviously, we don’t specialize in innocence here at NGP, which is why we’re here for it! Let’s take a quick peek at some recent additions to the rule 34 craze.

A cute face

Rendition of Samsung Sam based on Maxvixtious’ model – by Auxtasy

R34 fads come hard, hot and fast and they can die just as easily. We’ve all seen the already beloved cell phone mascot, Sam, and for being so fresh, she sure is getting around! If there’s one thing that makes artists and creators want to lewd the hell out of a character, it’s a cute face, and Sam checks out! And hey, look, creators like Mavixtious already have models out! 

Bloody tall, hella sexy

On the entirely opposite end of the spectrum, RE fans everywhere are still going gaga for a certain brick house vampire. This ‘tall lady’ is enjoying quite a bit more long term fame than most R34 stars, but that’s probably because she’s so unique and titillating in more ways than one. Hell, GoldenMaster loved her so much that she has a star role in sex patrol 3, and let’s just say that dump truck ass isn’t just for show!

Jester, who has a particular love for video game hotties, also has a point: Lady D’s chest is nothing to ‘stiff’ at, either.