The path to mastery starts with a single step, and even prodigies must work hard to be considered masters.

This is true of creatives, martial artists and of course, bimbos. Yes, bimbos!

Strap up and get pumped for Fab3DXs prissiest, sluttiest, most glamtastic set yet: “Nikki’s Bimbo Training Master”! 

When Nikki first came to her friend and fuck buddy, Lady Leonie, she was just a regular, loose gal that enjoyed fucking futas and living life. But she wanted more from sex, and when it comes to sex, lady Leonie doesn’t fuck around…

Nikki’s been taking her bimbo classes seriously, and now it’s time for her final! See this totally morphed, cum addicted bottom do anything and everything to please her Mistress in this 107 page, glorious 4K fuckfest!

If big dicked futa doms and expensive toys make you shiver, Lady Leonie has got your number, and she puts her most successful pet to date through all sorts of tests, stuffing her holes and making full use of her transformed titties before finally giving her a grade: in hot, sticky loads…

Saucy, steaming dialogue accompanies everyone’s favorite futa dom as she sees Nikki through the completion of her training, but in the end, well, what good is a degree if you can’t put it to use?


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