A blurred line

We often turn to sleep when we need to disengage and recharge, but what happens when our dreams are fitful? Dark Even? Perhaps…a bit too sexual?

RycGames may have the answer!

Subconscious subbing

Enter a world of mystery, sex and intrigue with the illustrious Tracy Mills! “Wicked Dreams” is a feverish, sometimes spooky, 3 chapter story that rides the line between fantasy and contemporary visual novel. In fact, Tracy herself, the unwitting heroine (or vixen) of the tale, can hardly tell the difference between reality and surrealism.

Newtown seems like a normal, innocent place, and Tracy is having a great life living in a posh house with her gorgeous mother. Still, after a crazy dream about a sex hungry demon and the appearance of a creepy book, things start to get weird…fast!

It’s bad enough that her best friend made a drunken move on her the night before, and she barely has any time to deal with her vivid dreams, but how will Tracy react when she learns about the magic she possesses…and its unlikely source?

RycGames has put together a compelling, interactive VN that differs a bit from others of its calibur. High quality renders and multiple choice questions are enough fun in and of themselves, but with a skill tree and coinciding fear and courage meters, the possibilities are vivacious! Tracy considers herself straight, initially, but perhaps a few lesbian experiences will change her mind? Will you lead her down a path of purity, or corrupt her into the ultimate blowjob queen who’s fueled by fantasy?
RycGames has a Patreon if this game gets you going! Overall, there’s a ton of content here for the price, with more than just a few hours of gameplay. You’ll be engrossed before you know it!