Anyone who’s rifled through the pages of a hentai manga or delved into animated porn has seen it: that crazy, unreal expression. It’s usually a girl, sweating, perhaps covered in cum or drool…sometimes both. Her eyes are rolled firmly into the back of her head, or her pupils are shaped like hearts or sparkles. Her tongue is lolling out and her mouth is wide open; whatever’s happening, she’s loving it and that’s ahegao!

The absurd expression is a topic of some debate in various porn communities, and most people have a very firm take on it.

You either love it or you hate it!

Either way, no one can deny its artistic appeal, especially since it sits somewhere between the possible yet improbable. I mean, seriously, when was the last time you saw someone make a face like that during real sex? Still, it has a huge cult following, and many creators try their hand at it just for fun; sometimes the results are surprising!

3DX actually lends itself very well to ahegao, and personally, I like it best rendered! Some pornstars have started doing it in real life (as Japanese porn themes become increasingly popular everywhere) but they can’t quite deliver it like hand drawn manga can. 3D, however, is already so fluid, and it rides the line between realism and fantasy, making it the perfect medium for those crazy, exaggerated expressions!

Of course, there are different levels to the ahegao genre: let’s take a look at a few great examples, you know, for research purposes…

Jester’s black widow ahegao render

On the subject of artists trying their hand at ahegao for fun, we’re honored to show you Jester’s very first crack at the genre! This busty femme fatale (a spicy redhead I’m certain we’re all familiar with) is getting railed like a pro. She might be taking a little more than she can handle, thus her tantalizing expression, but it fits the context pretty damn well. I can understand why Jester would want to put together a piece like this; it’s a great way to explore the possibilities of a new model, and it’s definitely gonna push conventional limits.

Nonsane’s “Switch”

Here’s a recent one by Nonsane, from their futa-future set “SWITCH”. As you can see, this purple haired deviant is thoroughly enjoying her creampie (complete with x-ray vision!) but this is actually fairly mild for ahegao. Still, you’ve got the crossed eyes and the rolling tongue; it belongs here just as naturally as it belongs in Nonsane’s awesome catalogue!

Lewd Futasy’s “A big impression”

LewdFutasy’s adorable Japanese futa, Kimiko, is getting the suck off of her life by getting bench pressed by her new, well muscled trainer, Ashley. This is one of the best frames from this comic! On the ahegao scale, its score is fairly medium, though it’s definitely not out of place in this wonderful set.

Gonzo’s “Kendra Part 1”

Gonzo is a master of facial expressions in 3DX, and this is about as ahegao as it gets! This render is from Gonzo Studios’ “Fantasy Land: Kendra” and, as you can see, the blonde bimbo in question is having a hell of a good time sucking down a huge monster dick! This is semi-intense as ahegao goes, maybe it’s all the cum running down her tongue… If the idea of hot girls getting boned in a modernized fantasy world appeals to you, check out this newly added set in the store! 

So there you have it! Whether you’re a fan or it’s really not your cup of tea, ahegao is a go forever, at least until we stop making porn altogether… yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen… 🙂

People will be wearing their ahegao hoodies and advertising their love for the genre for years to come, and 3DX creators will keep pushing the boundaries with even more vivid and realistic looking expressions!


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