If our summer sale could be compared to a fireworks show, then get ready for the BIG ONE! Like all fireworks displays, we’ve saved the best, most awe inspiring sale for last, so feast your eyes and stare in bedazzlement as we offer every product in our store for 30% off!

Is it futa, straight content or monster sex you want? You don’t have to choose between genres: it’s a free for all smorgasbord of 3DX excellence! With everything on sale, it can be a little overwhelming to make a choice, so allow us to highlight a few artists, light the fuse, then watch the sparks (and cum) fly!


One of our newest featured creators, Serge3dx offers something quite niche: petite teen futa on stacked milf! If the idea of huge cocked girls domming thicc, big titted teachers ‘lights your fuse’ then we can’t think of a better way to take advantage of the sale. Most of Serge’s products also have somewhat of a storyline, and corruption themes are imminent, making their work even more scintillating!  


Pirates, parodies, aliens and dickgirls! Redrobot’s work is rife with big tits and supernatural shenanigans, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is perfect for those who like a combination of tropey fun and steamy sex. “The Bitcher:Wild Cunt” and “Secretary Seduction” series are particularly good, if they fall into your preferences, but you can’t go wrong with any of RedRobot’s fine works!   


Gonzo can depict one hell of a dickgirl set (Check out “Dickgirl Heaven: Bride Bang) but they mostly focus on straight content. Well muscled dudes and tight, tone babes are the name of the game, and Gonzo plays it very well. For a long running, epic sweeping tale, the “Chatterley” series is superb, but if you’re looking for something more spine tingling (and enjoy freaky clown sex) “Them” is gonna be right up your alley!


Yet another well rounded artist, who jumps between semi realism and fantasy with ease! Like dickgirls? Morfium has got you covered! How about female/futa transformation? Check out “Trio Infernale: a typical friday”. Demon succubi with gigantic cocks luring women into becoming sex slaves? Why would I mention it if Morfium didn’t have it?! Take a gander at  “A night with consequences” and “Demon Sisters 2: the initiation”. Morfium has a distinct style and puts a lot of effort into cumshot scenes, so if you like your chicks glazed with a side of ahegao, this creator has the perfect thing for you!


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