Cafe: Hello Futasy! It’s been nearly a year since our last catch up, and wow: you’ve been busy! Looking forward to the catch-up!

Now, for those who don’t know, LewdFutasy has been allowing us the pleasure of hosting some of their content since the NGP store opened: that was two years ago! So first off, thanks Futasy for sticking with us and helping us grow!

Futasy: You’re very welcome! I feel a bit guilty for not creating more comics for the NGP store, but personal circumstances make it hard for me to focus on large projects. Soon, I hope to offer some picture bundles.

Cafe: Absolutely no worries: we’re happy to receive anything from you at any time! The past 2 years have been a rollercoaster for everyone: we’re just stoked you’re still with us!

Now, I know you do most of your work through Patreon. I can attest personally that you crank out a shockingly steady amount of content, but I’m curious to know how that’s been going on your end. 

What do you feel you’ve accomplished in the last year and what’s been challenging?

(Ashley & Kimiko get into all kinds of sexy trouble in their sexcercise bundle!)

Futasy: I do feel that my work has improved over the past year, and a wide variety of characters have been created. 

Finding a nice platform to publish my work is still a challenge, as Twitter and my discord server are my main platforms at the moment.

Further, I have picked up 3D printing.

Cafe: I have definitely noticed your work improve! You’ve been putting out some amazing pieces recently, as well, excellent stuff.

Now this…THIS! 3D printing. That sounds extraordinarily cool. Talk to me about that!

Futasy: I have bought myself a 3D printer that uses filament. With this technology, I can create figurines of my characters. I have been working out a workflow to get a printable figure from the Daz models. I am able to print my girls at a scale of 1:10 with a fair bit of detail. Members of my discord server have already seen some pictures of the prints. It’s really cool to see the girls as figurines.

Cafe: Ahhhh! That’s so freaking awesome! I only know of a handful of creators who are dabbling in 3D printing, and most aren’t, strictly speaking, 3DX creators. This is an entirely new facet of the medium that needs to be explored, and you’re digging into fresh territory!

Where do you see this going? No promises, of course, but ideally, how would you like to see this applied?

Futasy: I would like to sell the figurines, adding basically an extra dimension to my art and girls. Currently, I am looking into the best way to have the figurines painted. Some fans already indicated they want to do that themselves, so, I would like to offer both options, painted and unpainted. 

I can even imagine printing small versions of the pictures that I have created. 

Maybe even figurines with exchangeable appendices, if people are interested in that.

(From render to reality & ready to be painted!)

Cafe: My head is reeling from the possibilities! You have so many great characters; I can see this taking off very quickly!

That is quite an update just by itself, but is there anything else you’ve got planned for the year, or anything else you’ve been wanting to get started on?

Futasy: I hope that I can get started on a follow up on the “Bared Intentions” comic featuring Vanessa,  Monica and their biology teacher Evelyn.

Cafe: Ah yes, that was a hot set! Many of us would adore a sequel, but I know how tough it can be to squeeze in such large projects between everything else.

Futasy, thank you so much for your time, and again for your continued support. We wish you the best of luck for the rest of the year, and I’m looking forward to seeing one of your girls printed and primed in all her ‘real world’ glory!

Futasy: You’re very welcome!

Keep an eye on my discord server and patreon to keep updated on 3D printing and other Futasy stuff.

Definitely check out Futasy’s discord server (which we’ve linked above!) for a steady stream of sexy futanari goodness! With such a wide cast of characters, Futasy covers every taste, from petite and perky to massive and muscled, and everything in between! Head over to their patreon to show some support, and for the love of everything girl cock, check out those 3D prints!