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Elven Adventures – Working for Wishes, by Nonsane

This 98-piece image set features ritualistic blowing, fucking and pussy eating in a magical land with futa elves and petit faeries who can get stuffed with dick and cum beyond the laws of physics. Elven dickgirls Kara and Tammy, after drinking a magical elixir, will fuck each other´s holes and suck on each other´s dicks to summon a tiny flying cocksleeve of a fairy who will challenge them to please her like never before. What ensues is a series of aerial sex stunts, magical boning and litres upon litres of squirt and cum that will rain over the entire magical land!

Don´t Touch It – Episode 2, by Eris3D

Just as all good sequels do, the second episode of Don´t Touch It builds up on top of the first one, in the sense that double the cum builds up inside those futa balls in desperate need for relief. In these 109 panels with text, this futa transformation story will continue where it left off. Now that the recently creampied HR lady has just become a dickgirl herself, she wants to know what it feels like to shoot all that white goodness that´s bubbling inside of her. Who´ll cum the most, the thickest, the farthest? There´s only one way to find out…

Futa High school, by Futanarica

And of course, there could be no best cumshots list without an animated piece! Who doesn´t want to see those lust drops and ropes fly through the air in slow motion and splash all over those sweaty, lewd bodies? As always, Futanarica´s got our back with their new, 15+ minutes animation of a blonde student who just doesn´t seem to get her exercises right, so her redhead futa professor has to teach her… something, we suppose, because her idea of “education” isn´t quite conventional (hint: it involves fucking), but we´re all here for it.