Being turned into a gorgeous futa demon with a tail and luscious black hair isn’t easy for everybody, but don’t worry! We all can learn new things and have fun in the process, right?

In Morfium’s latest story, coming soon to our store, you will be introduced to a cast of stunning women, engaging in all sorts of naughty behaviour in the depths of Tartarus. But let’s ease the wait by learning more about these busty, hungry new characters!

Boom! Now you’re a futa!

The demonic lady Virtra, sister of Liria, wants to have some fun turning a mortal into a futa. She picks Kyla, a relatively normal girl who at the beginning had no idea her life was going to change forever! Now, with her body transformed and her sexual appetite rising, Kyla will need some guidance! She no longer looks human, but Virtra has her back… She metamorphosed the hot physique and now she’s going to have fun with it.

But Kyla won’t be alone in this journey. Virtra herself sports a huge cock and a fiendish lust, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to share. Her servants, Dolly and Victoria, will be the perfect assistants to teach Kyla how to make the best use of her new engorged member…

Willing servants of the demonic mistress

Dolly is Virtra’s go-to sub for situations like this. Short-haired, massive boobs, and holes that can take basically anything you stick in them. She will let you tie her up, gag her and use all sorts of tricks on her until you are satisfied. How will Kyla react when she finds out what her fiendish mother Virtra has in store for her?

On top of this, and quite unexpectedly, another servant in training arrives to the scene. She’s Victoria: long-haired, playful, sexy, ready to learn some new tricks as well. Virtra has so much teaching to do! These four women will share some naughty games together and we will all be there to watch…


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