License and Registration, Please

The best thing about “porn-logic” is that it can take an everyday occurrence, like the upholding of the law, and turn it into a no-holds-barred fuckfest! We’re here to present some of our finest endowed officers, cops and enforcers, and make no mistake, they use the full force of their “law” to bring criminals to messy justice! 

Futa Cop: Officer Riley by 3DZen

3Dzen’s latest release: what a coincidence!


Dirty cops, dirtier lesbians! Zen puts a nice couple through some questionable questioning and a handsy strip search as one cocked-up cop gives them the full interrogation treatment. These dismayed blondes get licked, lavished, and creampied as they figure out that maybe the whole thing was a set up from the beginning…

Futa Stop Part 1 by Nonsane


“I’m gonna need to see your license, registration, and those big titties!” Futa stop is a tongue-in-cheek (and tongue on cock) futa adventure that might be a good lesson for speedy drivers. Especially if you’re a cute asian hottie who doesn’t want any trouble with the “long arm” of the law! 

Futa Stop Part 2 by Nonsane


“Futa stop 2” is a right into the action sequel that takes our petite asian sub from car to caged! What started as a simple arrangement to get out of a speeding ticket has turned into a once in a lifetime femdom futanari adventure that both her and her needy pussy couldn’t say no to.

Future Sex Universe by Nonsane


Future sex is all about illegal dildos, the hubris filled horny ladies that try them out, and the cops that try to get the sticky situation under control! Nonsane has kindly bundled this amazing series into a huge collection, and it even includes some short loop animations! If that’s not generous enough for you, you should see how much these cop-fucking nymphos cum…

Cellmate: Familiarity by Futanarica


When you can’t fuck the cops, fuck in jail! Harley might be behind bars, but she has a ‘bar’ of her own, and she can’t wait to show the new girl that being locked up means being cocked up! Super colorful POV shots, tons of lady sauce, and one very satisfied penetrated prisoner. If you love the set, just wait till you see the animation!

“Sex Patrol” Series by GoldenMaster

Time Travel, rogue dickgirls, and the hung hottie police that have vowed to stop them: that’s sex patrol! This ongoing series is a wild amalgamation of hot sex, a crazy storyline and R34 elements: it’s like watching a hardcore B-movie fanfiction on steroids! (oh, and the characters cum buckets!)  

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