Cafe: Hey, Jester, it’s been awhile! It’s good to talk with you again. We’re looking forward to hearing about what you’ve been working on, but first, tell us a bit about what’s been inspiring you recently.

Jester: Well, lately I’ve been inspired by horror movies and recent horror related titles in the video game venue, like the new resident evil. There have also been some artists who’ve inspired me lately, like @Steps3D. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint my inspirations because they seem to come from everywhere, haha.

I’ve also been inspired by my favorite softcore model Ewa Sonnet: she’s a huge influence on how I make my models and the form they take.

Cafe: Ah yeah, RE village has been a trove of inspiration for many! I’ll have to check out Ewa, as well! Alright, here’s the big question: what have you been working on recently? Any big projects in the works or something you’re really excited about?

Jester: I’ve been working on more renders of my bloodrayne model, probably gonna start working on an exclusive image set of her in the near future, i’m excited about that, she’s my favorite model to work with ^_^ and her model is very high quality so the renders come out nice. ♥️

Cafe: That’d be awesome! Your sets are some of my favorite when it comes to ‘big assets’.Before we let you go, one last question: Do you have any long term goals with your work or anything you’d like to move towards in the future? Of course, we’re happy to see you doing what you’ve been doing!

Jester: Well, I am still learning things with blender, once I ‘get good’ as they say, with blender, my plan is to start doing more animations with my models. I have a few animations now, but they’re with Daz and it’s not as good as it could be with Blender, so expect me to be animating those ‘assets’ in the future. 🙂

Cafe: We would love nothing more! We wish you the best of luck with Blender, and in the meantime, we look forward to seeing more of your lovely takes on everyone’s favorite VG babes!

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