If you’ve ever seen alien horror movies, you know the usual drill: parasite latches onto a human host, human host gets rushed to sick bay, then the parasite spreads until one lone hero (or heroine!) can sweep in with a flamethrower and take them all out. That’s how they all go…right?

Not according to 3DZen!

Once again, Zen breaks the genre mold with their own take on the alien horror genre, “Alien Contamination”! Zen is a master of erotic horror when their not busy rendering futa, and if you’re late to the party you can learn all about their upcoming work in our Recent catch-up!

Ready to be contaminated? When a very pregnant victim is brought to sick bay with a gruesome face hugger wrapped around her head, the sexy doctor must do everything in her power to make sure the ‘birthing’ process is carried out as quickly as possible. The doctor is fascinated by the strange eggs that the victim, Ashley, pushes out, and notices that a strange goop seems to have been left in their wake. What could possibly go wrong there…

This freaky creature feature has it all! Female to male body transformation (rare stuff!) Monster cocks, and shots. Yeah, that’s right, shots: Syringe shots, Xray shots, and tons of cum shots! The doctor gets more than just a little anal-overwhelmed, but one cream pie isn’t enough…not when you’re a freshly transformed parasite looking to breed!

3DZen continues to deliver high quality, niche content in this 93 image, high res set. Can security duty save the doctor, or…oops, nevermind, it looks like security is too busy giving the alien a blowjob and taking a massive facial!