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One of the best things about the 3D medium is that it gives creators the ability to be conceptually abstract. This might sound like the intro to a thesis, so I’ll say it a different way: wouldn’t it be cool if there was a futa talk show and chicks could mystically sprout dicks and have sex with naughty cat girls? That’s what we like to call, application!

Our Next Guest is Hung!

Eris3D has recently been putting out some awesome, entertainingly different works, all focused around delicious gals finding creative ways to use their futa dongers! “Futalk Show” is no different, taking a simple idea and turning it into something unprecedented! 

Presented as a pilot episode, the story follows a saucy ‘thief’ and a museum security guard. The gorgeous hostess interviews them both to get the scoop on how they ended up in cahoots with each other, and the colorful, futanari action begins!

Any body modification fans out there? This one’s for you! Female to futa transformation is definitely one of Eris’ signature kinks! Of course, when a rather ‘anal’ woman’s pride is put on the line by a bratty cat girl, she’s naturally going to have to put that frisky feline in her place…in both holes!   A little playful revenge from a big tits security guard with a big ass cock can go a long way to humble a bad kitty, turning her into a cumshot crazy cat who’s just begging for fresh milk!

A little bit random and a whole lot of fun, this is one tale where everyone gets plenty of air time!    


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