After a long and wacky trip through the galaxy, during which she fucked and got fucked by all sorts of horny alien entities, dickgirls Katy and her friend got drunk and knocked up an alien chick. This could be very bad news, of course, but this time fortune has smiled to our promiscuous protagonists, and now, they will receive the aliens´ appreciation in the form of… you guessed it, more extraterrestrial futa gangbangs!


The Temple of the Alien Amazons

Our two protagonists will be approached by towering futa priests with marble six-packs and dongs big enough to pierce another black hole into the fabric of the Universe. These friendly practitioners of the sacred arts (of fucking) will once again push the bodies of Katy and company to their erotic limit, shoving those massive cocks into every hole they can find. 

The orgy begins at the temple, as bodies pile up and roll around in a non-stop event of cock sucking, fucking, and flooding cumshots everywhere!

Galactic Gratitude with Gals and Girth

This literally out-of-this-world gangbang, as all other previous installments of Goldenmaster´s First Contact series, will feature superhuman fucking, with extreme double anal penetration, scintillating body transformation, alien impregnation and forced expansion that will push our characters to and beyond their limits of pleasure. We are sure that human sex will never, ever be good enough for Katy again!

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