Well, 2021’s a wrap: a bright new year full of hopes, dreams and steamy 3D tits awaits us. It’s never too late, though, to reflect on the past years, reminiscing of the good times and the good faps that we had. Or perhaps, those that we have missed! But don’t worry, at NGP we have you covered: in case you skipped them, we’ll give you the absolute best of 2021: the top sellers across all categories and all artists, so you know this is some good stuff! If you’re among the few who hasn’t gotten all of them, now it’s your chance to set it right. Let’s review the people’s choice, the top 3 best products of 2021!

Futa Twins 3, by 3DZen

You know there has to be something real juicy in this one to sell even more than part 1, right? With 150 2K comic panels of non-stop sisterly futa action, this story will definitely get your engines going. Outgoing and horny Kyla, and shy but not less horny Kylie, are coping with their insatiable lust, and use each other as cum dumpsters, discovering the joys of fucking every single hole a woman has. This time they’re throwing a pool party, but they’re so hard out of their minds that they don’t wait for the guests to come before sucking and fucking each other in all sorts of ways; but what will happen with their hot friend arrives?

Bio-Evil, The Experiment, by RedRobot3D

Warning! This one is not for vanillas and faints of heart! This spin-off chapter of the Resident Evil sex parody, Bio-Evil Project K9, features Jill… ahem, Jane, totally not Jill, being subjected to a cruel monster breeding experiment. She’ll be strapped to a chair and forced to endure inhumane procedures, including breast inflating injections, pump milking, monster fucking and deepthroating, and a massive rapid pregnancy before she gives birth to a horny abomination! Enjoy the hardcore fetishes displayed in glorious 48 pages of pure depravity!

Evelyn’s Bimbo Training, Part 1, by Fab3DX

After the smashing success of Nikki’s Bimbo Training, Fab3DX generously gifts us with more of Mistress Leonie’s submissive apprentices. In this 100+ image chapter, the futa dominatrix will train, subjugate and bimbofy no other than Evelyn, Nikki’s sexually frustrated mother. Watch her rediscover her sexuality and reclaim her prime while being conditioned into a total sex slave by the ruthless handling of Mistress Leonie. Futa fucking, bondage, latex, cum eating and merciless sex toys are just the beginning of Evelyn’s Bimbo Training.