Korben Moon might be a recent addition to our line-up of artists, but they’ve quickly earned a spot in our horny family as a creator with a strong vision and renders full of personality. Their unique image sets feature stunning fantasy women entangled in wild sexual encounters with huge monsters, as their bodies are pushed beyond their limits thanks to the magic that floats in the air. Unbelieving, they see those gigantic cocks make use of every one of their holes, pumping them so full of cum that the only possible explanation is “a wizard did it!” Literal cascades of jizz, belly inflation and bulges, juicy X-rays and impossible deepthroats abound in their debut product at NGP, “The Summoner”. After the success of their first story, chapters two and three are now available at our store! Let’s delve deeper (pun intended) into these sets!

Stretching Exercises

After the monster of the day had his way with Luna in chapter one, part two picks up immediately after, as Aurora makes it into the hall where the chalice is hidden. However, a huge monster is guarding it! The only way for her to obtain the item is to perform a sexual ritual, and she wastes no time. The guardian will use her throat, ass and pussy, filling her up with so much cum that the jizz jet will reach the other end and push her butt plug out! Witness how Aurora’s body gets pumped with monster seed which then spills all over the place, awakening the treasure she ambitions.

Into the Dungeon

Meanwhile, Luna and Owena have been captured! Chained and barely dressed, they see a group of three monsters approach, and then you won’t guess what happens… The monsters release them, wish them a pleasant journey, wave goodbye, then return to the catacombs to do crochet and watch Golden Girls. Nah, kidding, they fuck.

Owena knows what’s coming to her, and eventually enjoys getting DP’d then throat fucked, but Luna is far more inexperienced, and at first doesn’t understand how the monster’s fat meat can fit in his mouth… which awakens her curiosity! She then studies two monster cocks from up close, and offers herself for a spit roast that will get her filled with so much cum she’ll become a two-way cascade!

The Summoner Beyond the Walls and Never Surrender are now available at the NGP store! If you love cum overflowing everywhere, huge loads, inflation and X-rays, then this will be your jam, so don’t wait any longer!