Flashy erotic stories with wild characters and colourful settings are always a joy to consume, but it does take some special talent to take a simple, everyday premise and elevate it to exquisite lewd quality. That’s the trademark talent of Sneaky Bastard, and now, we bring you yet another piece of his straight art: his take on the step-sibling – on – MILF set up, the night a young boy sees a new world better than he’s ever dreamed of! Giving In to Temptation, a 170+ page one-shot incest comic!

When Plan B Gives You the D

Seth is flat out disheartened that his hot step-mom Maddison got stood out by his dad yet again. A gorgeous woman like her, now frustrated and free for the evening? What a shame. What a terrible shame.

He comforts her like the gentleman that she is, and she suggests to go out with him instead. Now, as you, experienced 3DX enjoyers might have already figured out, they’re never going to make it to the restaurant. Seth secretly watches her step out of the shower and try out some sexy lace lingerie and stockings, so it’s not long before he’s stroking his hungry cock. But oh, no, he gets busted! What will this mature, well put together woman with rocking big breasts do in this situation? Well, suck and ride his cock until they both cum several times, of course. Like, duh.

A Facial Matching the White Lingerie

The step-mom and the step-son then proceed to have the time of their lives, stripping down and getting to it right on mommy’s bed. It turns out that Maddison is cock – hungry, eager to get lots of cum in mouth, pussy and all over her tits. Seth will prove his innate cosmetologist abilities by giving her the facial of her life, after trying out that mature pussy in all its glory. Her deepthroat will make him see the stars, and never see her step-mom the same way ever again.

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