A good fantasy setting could be the best way to get our mind off our current troubles and give ourselves some well-deserved space. In this day and age, artists like ObtJacko have our back! Or rather, our beast with two backs…

Walk into the enchanted forest with these big fat image sets, and navigate hundreds of juicy shots of goblins, orcs and hot female warriors get naughty with each other in their quest to get the maximum reward! We’ll spoil you with no less than four different stories, featuring magical creatures and what they do in the woods.

Odd Jobs and Blow Jobs

Odd Job Otis might not be your standard dashing porn hero, but hey, he sure knows how to find the best holes in the thicket, if you catch our drift. Be it alone or with a group of fierce and hungry friends, he will take odd jobs which will throw him into countless predicaments and unexpected turns. You can guess exactly how he gets his way.

Follow his adventures in the three-parter Odd Job Otis, each one of which featuring dozens upon dozens of highly-detailed quality images, text alts, and a free set of eye-candy pinup pics for the ride home.

A Thot on a Mission

For those who like a more traditional story setup, the one-shot Into The Goblin Forest delivers exactly what you’re looking for. The brave and bold Helenessa, hot adventurer in very light armor, enters the goblin forest in search for very rare, highly requested supplies. Now, not many people would like to be in her place, because the process required to retrieve these suplies includes, let’s put it this way… goblin dick.

See the daring Helenessa plow her way through wrinkled creatures and faery cock. Nothing will stop her until she gets what she wants!


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