Cracking the Code

Rendering vets like Codemonkey3DX seem to have a very good understanding of what makes a good set. Variety, direction and quality. All three of these can be seen in Codemonkey’s newest added sets to the NGP store, along with, you know, a gang of huge cock hunnies stuffing needy holes!

Girl’s night out: Part 1

Contemporary futanari are progressive: they love going out as a group to have fun, and they know how to share! When Morgan and Ashley go partying with their friends, they decide to take things to the next level at a nearby hotel after getting hot and bothered at the bar. What was supposed to be a quick gangbang, however, turns into something more as a bad storm starts brewing outsider.

Of course, that’s not the only thing that’s brewing when lesbian lovers get hard behind closed doors. Get ready for a 100 page, mind blowing, dick dumping bukkake fest that may lead into something even messier!

A walk in the park

Lara is just your average, adorable glasses girl with big tits who happens to be going for a walk. It’s a beautiful day in the park, but when she sees a stacked beauty doing yoga, the weather pales in comparison. Needing to see more, she climbs a tree for a better look…then her own impressive ‘tree’ sprouts from between her legs, and she just can’t help herself…or can she?

This onesome, turned twosome, turned THREESOME comic has such a charming, vivid style that it could only come from Codemonkey! There’s so much cute kink here that it’s hard to even start, but Lara decides to start with herself, enjoying a mouth filling, selfsuck creampie before she gets…oops: caught in the act.

This set is a ton of fun, and features squirting, anal antics and futa penetration, which is a lot rarer than it sounds! Paizuri perfection meets double futa on female with lots, and I mean, LOTS of cum, turning an awkward situation into Lara’s best…and stickiest, day ever.