After fifteen (yes, fifteen!) long chapters of intergalactic sex and weird transformations that have exposed her to a slew of never before imagined forms of pleasure, Katy has become a true veteran in extra-terrestrial lewdness. All sorts of dicks and other similar appendages have been inside her, torturing her with indescribable pleasure, and her body has been modified countless times to satisfy the capricious desires of incomprehensible beings. 

Still, horny is the intergalactic language, and Katy has managed to establish relationships with more lifeforms a senior at Roswell could ever jerk off to. 

Now, what happens with one of those creatures, the Golden Twin, a shapeshifter whose body knows no boundaries, abducts Katy into a floating sphere and has her at her mercy? This mysterious being has an agenda of her own, and is decided to tempt Katy with the satisfaction of all her true desires. Literally, because she can turn into whichever creature Katy wants to bonk again. And Katy is… not displeased.

When Your Past Comes Back to Fuck You

In the fifteenth instalment of Goldenmaster’s cosmic erotica, First Contact, our futa human Katy sees herself a prisoner of the Golden Twin. In this mega product of over 200 FHD comic panels, she’ll get overwhelmed with pleasure as the shapeshifter takes different forms to break her down. Tentacle futa alien chick? Check. Extra-terrestrial hunk with huge dong? Check. A spiteful ex-girlfriend who wants compensation in cum? Check. Selfcest? Double-check! (Seriously, they do it twice.)

There are no rules in space, and the debauchery never ends. Multiple penetration, tentacle sex, zero-G sixty-nines, deepthroating, fisting, double fisting, feet everywhere, whole limbs disappearing inside an asshole… Oh, and kisses. Hardcore stuff!!

Will Katy choose to go back to her normal life, or will she be swept away by the temptations of literally out-of-this-world erotic bliss? As her journey continues, we’ll be here to watch her stumble upon all sorts of horny misadventures. Check out now Goldenmaster’s latest release on the NGP website!