Aaaand it’s here! The long-awaited sequel of GoldenMaster’s Duel to the Holes, now with more duel and more holes! Literally. 

The sequel to this futa transformation story promises (and delivers) more sexy fights, more dickgirl abs, and more extreme sex than ever! You’re welcomed to enjoy these 180+ panels of pure futa-on-futa action, with all the body modification goodness that your beloved readers deserve.

Fuck For Supremacy

The fighters-turned-girlfriends from chapter 1 are back, ready to enjoy a nice meal together at a restaurant. But why eat when you can have sex, instead? Their plans get interrupted by Chidaruma, a muscular demonic futa who’s eager to show who’s boss, and demands proof of loyalty from the girls by making them suck her massive cock then take it up every possible hole. But the white-haired sorceress is willing to put up a fight! What ensues is a long sex wrestling match, where the two tops will battle for supremacy, forcing each other to take cock, get fucked in the cockhole, and get squished against the floor while pounded mercilessly. They will use their size difference to their advantage, while the small futa bottom gets tossed around like an innocent fuckhole. Let the best futa win! 

Creampie For Dessert

The stamina of these magical dickgirls is definitely something to admire. This comic is filled to the brim with the most creative sexual positions and enticing battle moves, as the futas fuck each other, rise and fall, punch some ballsacks and pump their cum up the asshole of their rivals. Some highlights include tons of urethral pen, double anal, massive oral, and choking. But don’t worry, nobody dies, they live to fuck another day! Who will rise victorious, their cocktip still oozing with thick cum? There’s only one way to find out. Check out now GoldenMaster’s latest release, Duel to the Holes 2, now available at the NGP store!


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