Morfium’s sets remind me of ordering good take out. Why, you may ask? Because good take out must meet several requirements.

It must be tasty: Check.

It must be affordable: Double check. ✅✅

It must be given in generous portions, so as to have leftovers: chiggity check! ✅✅✅

If you’re starving for some hot 3D action, then Morfium delivers! Their sets are plenty large enough to sink your teeth into, and the sheer variety of interesting angles and poses they feature in their art will have you putting the number on speed dial.

We’re offering two incredible pieces by Morfium, with hopefully more to come. Whichever you choose (why choose? Get both!) Morfium brings it hot and fresh and does not skimp on the sauce… 

Liria & Gwen: A night with Consequences

Liria is a sophisticated, classy futa with a mysterious, irresistible aura. When the tall, blue haired woman invites a sassy blonde, Gwen, back to her place for a night of fun, Gwen is unable to turn the unique offer down.

Liria makes no secret of her wide array of toys, and Gwen is both impressed and hesitant by the woman’s forwardness. Liria assures her that they will take it slow, though ‘slow’ may have different meanings for different people…

Follow Gwen through a night of deep dicking, deep throating, and ever deepening darkness as she’s taken by a woman who’s more than what she appears to be. This is a huge set, containing over 140 beautiful renders.

If you’re tired of the same ol’ same vanilla themes, this set will scratch your itch! Morfium isn’t afraid to tread on the darker side of the erotic, and the ending will leave you hungry for more intense, cum fueled action.

Read our extensive review of this piece here: Liria & Gwen – By Morfium

Trio Infernale: A Typical Friday

A redhead, an ebony woman and an asian girl walk into an office…

Does it sound like the start of a joke, or an explosive futa themed fuckfest?

Very much the latter! The action starts right out of the gate as Samantha and Melissa launch into a threesome with Melissa’s girlfriend. After giving each other a thorough pounding, the three women reminisce about how Melissa got her cock, and further, of the time when Samantha was keeping hers a secret…

It’s Friday night, right at the end of a long, productive work week. Club owner and successful sex store chain manager, Samantha, winds down the weekend by sending her finance supervisor, Melissa, home early with a new sex toy protype.

The prototype? A strap on that gives the user the ability to actually feel what’s happening with it! Unbeknownst to Melissa, Samantha’s sexy assistant is blowing her under the desk. The last thing Sam wants is to let her coworkers in on her secret, but as soon as Melissa is gone she unfetters her inhibitions and does a little ‘field testing’ of her own. The well endowed redhead has tons of fun with her assistant, finally bringing a close the work week with a nice, big finish.

Meanwhile, Melissa arrives at home and decides to test the new prototype (strictly for research purposes, of course!) with her girlfriend Tamika. Tamika is more than happy to oblige, and the two women are completely blown away by how amazing the new toy is.

Will this turn out to be just another friday for these cum loving cuties, or will the new toy give them more than they bargained for?

This is another massive set from Morfium, at over 150 renders! If you crave interacial themes, fat female dongs and mouth watering angles, this set is a must own!


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