December is finally here, and while we don’t know how crazy 2021 will be, we CAN look back on this year and find the good in it!

And by good I mean…well, sort of bad, but in the best way! We’re taking a look back at 2020’s top 5 monster sets, where creatures of the underworld rise up to get down. If you like girls getting banged by the strange and deranged, you’re gonna wanna check out every set on the list! 

-Waking the Dead Vol 2 by Jester-

Dead men don’t need viagra…all they need is Lana’s massive rack to have a reverse heart attack that’ll jolt them back to life! Jester’s rendition of everyone’s favorite tomb raider will have your head spinning faster than an ancient pyramid floor trap. Lana’s stumbled upon a truly rare and priceless treasure, as she’s not about to share with anyone until she’s finished ‘appraising’ the goods. Lana’s tits are matched only by her new undead friend’s outrageous cock, and it seems that even after ages of slumber, he has more than enough load in him to reward her eager archeological skills over 49 HD images.  

-Residential Evil series by 3DZen-

Perhaps the only thing more terrifying than this series is 3DZen’s ability to so quickly produce these high quality sets. With a whopping 6 entries so far (and more on the way!) you’ll get your full fix of zombie dongs, horny dogs and tentacled schlongs! Zen’s girls get repeatedly infected by the XXX virus, impregnated and bukakkied (if that’s not a word it is now)  but they don’t usually seem all that concerned with the consequences, cause’ they’re too busy cumming their brains out!  

-Bio-Evil K9 part 1 & 2 by Redrobot3D-

Being assaulted by a horny, big dicked werewolf is all in a day’s work for Jane St. Patrick when she awakens to find herself trapped in the mysterious Cumbrella research facility. Once she realizes her life isn’t in immediate danger, after she’s forced to cum hard, Jane goes about trying to figure out why the hell she was captured…and why she’s so incredibly horny.

Highly detailed and complete with saucy dialogue and plenty of interesting angles, Redrobot really delivers the action in these beastly sets. Tons of cumshots, squirting, and (my particular favorite) lusciously rendered tit grabbing await you, just don’t tell Jane that she might be part of a massive conspiracy. 

-Fantasyland Kendra, Part 1 and 2 by Gonzo Studios-

Fantasy in a modern setting? Gonzo said yes, why not?! Fantasyland Kendra is unique in several ways: you get your orcs, your elves, the old rivalry between them and some very hot sex because of it, all in a vividly detailed backdrop and a fully realized plot.

Kendra, a half elf, is trying to make her way up in the cut throat music industry, but she gets a little more than she bargained for in the journey. These sets are massive, not unlike Drax’s cock, and the themes are just as eclectic and sexy as everything Gonzo produces. If you’re looking for a little something different with your fantasy porn, look no further than Fantasyland! 

-Ada Wong: Demon Dog by 3DZen-

3DZen makes our list twice, for obvious reasons! If you just couldn’t get enough undead dick in the RE series, perhaps this niche, 48 HD image spin-off will do it for you.

Anna Wong, familiar and well loved video game icon, can’t help but conduct her own research on one of the infected demon dogs. It’s part of her job, afterall, and she always goes deep into her research, using every available asset (and hole) and taking it as far as she can go until she (and her subject) are completely satisfied!