It’s finally here, guys! The second and last part of 3DZen’s Training Days, the conclusion of this story of forced submission, bondage and futa cum addiction! Last time we checked in, Jessica had been patiently training her step-daughter Amanda’s holes and filling her up with her dickgirl juice, getting her ready to become the slut Daddy would be ashamed of. Now, let’s see the exciting climax of this MILF on college girl domination comic!

So, About That Dripping Pussy

3DZen’s HD comic Training Days 2 picks up exactly where part 1 ended, as redhead Amanda was begging for her step mommy’s cum after being forced into receiving Jessica’s addicting cock milk. Now, there is no way she can be the good girl she used to be. Jessica ties her up and forces her huge dick up Amanda’s tight slit, as the girl begs for more cum. This is just the beginning of two more days of rough sex and domination, as Amanda’s now slutty body craves her step-mommy’s cum and is willing to do anything to get more and more of it.

No Hole is Sacred

 If the Amanda from the beginning of the story saw what her present version is doing, she’d never believe her eyes! The now submissive redhead, obsessed with pleasing her step-mommy, will allow her to do anything! And Jessica will stuff her with more and more cum, in a vicious cycle of depravity behind Daddy’s back. Amanda will get a healthy dose of cream pie, prove her new ability to perform almost impossible blowjobs, and be subjected to rough anal with some ass to mouth cum swapping! Oh, and did we mention some strap-on, female-on-futa role reversal? 

See the conclusion of Amanda’s descent (for now!) in the steaming hot last instalment of 3DZen’s erotic comic, Training Days!


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