In a world where we see countless new artists join the ranks of 3DX and make their unique contribution to this art form, we have a few veterans who have been around since the inception of 3D porn. They have seen the community’s evolution from the very beginning and learned from the OG’s of the medium – even would qualify as OG’s themselves. With their experience and their resume, they can render some of the most exquisite images and enticing stories for our viewing pleasure.

One of these titans of 3DX is Gonzo, the man behind Gonzo Studios and Sexy3DComics. His prolific portfolio and exquisitely polished 3D renders speak for themselves: the man knows how to create characters that pop out of the screen, and put together sexy stories that could melt the ice in the Arctic in the glimpse of an eye!

Magical, but real

One of the things that stands out the most about Gonzo Studios is his understanding on how to portray and render the human figure. From the perfect texture of the skin and anatomy of both his male and female characters, to his impeccable instinct on where the attention should be. 

Sometimes artists focus so much on dicks and T&A, that they forget some other points of interest that deserve to be showcased. And there’s nothing wrong with T&A, of course, but what makes them truly memorable is to put a face and a story to those deliciously sculpted bodies. Gonzo loves his face shots, his full-body shots, and basically any other type of camera angle that lets us take a gooooood look at the goodies.

More Powerful than Words

Gonzo’s talent to create and show steamy characters getting a little body warmth doesn’t just stop as his amazing aesthetic vision. He’s one of those artists who understands the power of a good story in porn, and he has from the very beginning. He creates a narrative in his comics and his image sets, some of which extend from many chapters, and the people keep asking for more! That’s always a good sign.

His abilities as a visual storyteller let him create whole stories without a single written word. And still, they work wonders! Some other artists who are great at renders but not-so-great at communicating actions and character with their visuals, need to rely on captions and dialogue balloons to tell a story. And there’s nothing wrong with text on a comic, of course, but it does take a lot of skill to do the job without them!

Gonzo creates original, creative plots to frame all the crazy sex antics he puts his characters through. And he’s extremely flexible with the genres the explores! From sci-fi to grounded, realistic family settings; from intimate sexy times to over-the-top multi-chapter interracial orgies. He has a bit of each, and he excels at all of them!

You should definitely give his work a try. You are guaranteed to find something in his catalogue that will hit a sweet spot in you. Here, at NGP, we have a lot of his comics and image sets available, so all you have to do is hop on our store page and take a look for yourself.

If you want to keep up with the artist’s upcoming series and other products, be sure to follow him on Twitter, where he posts updates and hosts open polls for you to decide what you want to see next from him!


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