STOP in the name of love!

There’s a big misconception about 3DX and porn in general, and it’s totally unfair: that we, as a community of creators and consumers, are uninterested in the qualities of love! Not only is this inherently untrue (we LOVE 3DX) but it can also be disproven by creators like Futanarica, who depict characters who are CLEARLY falling in love with each other…while of course, they…ahem…fuck each other silly in the most love saturated place on Earth…

Love is in the Air!

“From Paris with Love” is nothing short of a romantic futanari masterpiece! Lory and Ariana rendezvous for one sensual, explosive romp, which goes from hot to unbearably steamy, right in front of a gorgeous view of the eiffel tower. As Ariana ogles her excited lover, she gives the woman her own eye-full tower, then Futanarica pulls out all the stops!

If you haven’t seen a Futanarica animation, and you’re a futa fan, you’re in for amour than you ever thought possible! If you’re already a fan, you should know how amazing this piece is before you even see it!

This long form, high quality animation and set brings so much to the table: interesting poses, stunning angles, and almost too many fetishes to list. Big ass dick? Check! Squirting and massive creampies? Double check! Ahegao hole stretching and ridiculously copious cumshots?! That’s Futanarica’s speciality! What better way for two ultra hot women to show their love and affection for each other than to partake in the carnal delights of the flesh? These gals love to fuck, so all the 3DX naysayers can suck it! 


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