We’re all here because we love 3DX, and all the scintillating stories and characters it introduces us to. Through erotic art, we can visit exotic places, meet creatures from all backgrounds, and have a good private time seeing them engage in all sorts of sexual shenanigans. 3DX is here to stay, and that’s a great thing.

After coming a long way with the expansion of our catalogue, here at NGP we want to turn the spotlight towards a very special, very beloved group of creators. We want to showcase the women that contribute to our site and our lives with their erotic 3D art. Through their creations, they show us their vision of the world, their fantasies and desires, and the products of their naughty imagination. What tickles a lady’s fancy? What does she have to say about, and to contribute to, the ever growing pool of erotic fiction? Let’s find out.

Playful and Powerful: the women of X3rr4

There may be nothing more refreshing than an erotic artist that says “fuck it, I’m gonna render whatever I like and the world be damned”. A free-spirited creator who portrays in their work their most honest fantasies and gives them life through loveable characters with rocking bodies and a clear idea of what they want. 

From Hamburg, Germany, comes the 3DX creator X3rr4. She started out as a digital artist, and made the jump to 3DX after getting plenty of inspiration and motivation online. She created her own universe populated by daring women, eager to explore the world and try new things – especially those that include some naughty fun.

For them, any place can be a good place for some mischief. A hairdresser salon? Check. A cinema? Check. The metro? Check. A public library? C-c-c-check!

If a guy is lucky enough to come across these gorgeous queens, he’ll likely be graced with a big dose of stunning female. X3rr4’s stories follow the adventures of her OC’s Hanna, Mimi, Jo, Ariana, Francesca, Sybil and more. They come from very different backgrounds and have distinct looks to them, but they all share one trait: the fearless, adventurous spirit that drives them to find more and more fun scenarios where they can explore and express their sexuality.

This could happen to you!

But since we’re here, let’s talk about X3rr4’s art. She’s best known for her pinups and random renders, which she puts out quite often for everyone’s joy, but she’s also created two comics: Stewardess Mimi and Hanna Rediscovers the Library, both available for grabs at the NGP store. On top of that, she’s working in developing a fully-realised interactive erotic game, Hanna Futile Resistance; Episode 1 is out for free, and Episode 2 is already in advanced stages of production, so keep an eye out for that one!

X3rr4’s visual style is stunning, yet grounded. Her angles, textures and models reflect reality in a very interesting and faithful way. She’s not a fan of exaggerated proportions and out-there anatomy, which helps her characters feel real. Their go-get-it attitude gets them in crazy situations, but all of them are possible in real life if you’re daring enough, which feeds the fantasy that one day you could come across a woman like Hanna, Mimi or Jo. And you’d be a lucky bastard if that’s the case!

Her overall style is very neat and polished, which gives it a classy vibe, even in the most pervy of her scenes. The realistic settings are well defined, and easy to grasp no matter where you’re from. The intense stares and well-developed bodies of X3rr4’s women are certainly difficult, if not impossible, to ever forget!

Where to find more

You can see X3rr4’s art for free on her website, but if you really want the juicy updates, then the best you can do is support her on Patreon. If you do so, not only you will be contributing to more and more of X3rr4’s art gracing our eyes, but also, you’ll get access to a bunch of cool stuff such as early access to her game, special Discord benefits, high-quality copies of her work, and involvement in her creative process. 

If you want to check out her content, her comics, as we’ve stated, are available on NGP’s store, and her game is up for grabs for free! Give this fantastic artist a chance and give yourself, too, the chance to fall in love with her amazing female characters! 



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