Game Fame

Here at NGP, we love our video games, and hell, who doesn’t? But what are video games without huge breasted beauties with big ass weapons and skimpy fantasy/sci-fi outfits we can lovingly control with our joysticks? Maybe better, maybe worse, the online arguments could abound, but what’s really important is that artists like Brynhildr equip these girls with joysticks of their own… that could definitely be considered weapons…

Game changer

“Video Games: Futanari Collection” Volume 2, is, like the name implies, full of gamer dickgirls. The second release in the series, in fact. What the title doesn’t tell you, is that these girls are packing the thickest, meatiest, drippiest cum cannons, and they’re looking to play with themselves and each other in 4K!

Whether you’re a forever fan of final fantasies that are never quite ‘final’ or you want your girls ‘2B’ hung and horny, Brynhildr’s got you covered in this 39 image set! Aerith bulges, legendary league loads let loose, and Pharah bares it all in a pure pin-up phallic gaming celebration!

Brynhildr’s ode to some of our favorite rule34 gals comes as no surprise: they’ve been adding some great game-centric sets to our store, so be sure to check em’ all out!