Spaceships, aliens, laser beams, computers, robots, giant CYBER dongs! Of course, we’re talking about Sci-fi! You want it, we got it, so come and get it: here are the top new Sc-fi releases on the NGP store! 

First Contact 2:Aliens Motel by Goldenmaster

First on the list, it’s “First Contact 2:Aliens Motel” by contemporary parody guru, Goldenmaster! Being only the second installment in a now 11 part series, (if you wanna skip ahead to an extremely juicy alien/futa orgy check out the most recent release!) the stories’ big tit red headed heroine, Katy, is still trying to make sense of the extra terrestrial tango she had the day prior after an unfortunate car accident. If you want to get started with the series, part 1 is being offered for free!

Anyhow, Katy explains to a sexy stranger who picks her up that she can’t remember it very well, but she does remember getting dicked hard by some not-so-little green martians!

After checking into a motel, Katy gets very comfortable with her mature new lesbian friend, but their cunnilingus craving is cut short when a pair of big cock alien chicks come busting into their room! But no need to worry…they cum in peace!

We’ll likely be covering more of this massive set at a later date, but for now, we highly recommend checking out this double penetration, lesbian on alien futa group sex raunch! 

Omega Research and Development by Redrobot3d

Looking for some big blue Asari ass? If the answer is yes, then you’re likely familiar with Redrobot’s illustrious Omega. If not, well, your answer should still be yes! Redrobot3d is a well established rule34 master of tropey horror, cosplay cuties and video game parodies, but this particular piece may fall somewhere between the group, depending on who you ask. Trust us, though, there’s definitely nothing being forced here: This alien babe is way into freaky monster sex, and I’ll tell you exactly why!

Omega has finally obtained the job of her dream: a tech at the Xenotype Corps. R&D lab! Between herself and her friend Alpha, a fellow Asari with a matching pair of big tits, she’s tasked to create some new love organisms for the wide sweeping interstellar company.

It might not be part of her job to ‘test’ the organisms personally, but Omega is the kind of woman who won’t be satisfied until she’s had some real ‘hands on’ experience with the product! After making her selection, a decidedly non-human creature with three legs and something between them that might as well be another, she embarks on a night of debauchery that might be more than she bargained for!

This comic displays a purity of oral antics, (and a mouth filling blowjob!) scintillating masturbation and one very excited blue girl getting her holes (yes both!) banged like there’s no tomorrow. As with all other RR works, this one is sure to ‘blow’ you away, but maybe not as hard as Omega can blow… 

Vampire Cyberhookers 2069 by Gazukull

Ever wondered what would happen if you took a standard B-movie from the 80’s, gave it today’s graphics and turned it into a porno? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore! Gazukull presents “Vampire Cyberhookers 2069” a wonderfully absurd, over the top romp that mixes together a cocktail of tropes like a reckless bartender slinging spirits!

The aptly named ‘Tight city’ is a megalopolis that hinges on power, body mods, and sex…well, that’s putting it lightly: we’re talking about some big ass mods, big breasts, huge cocks, and…robots? Hell yes! Gazukull focuses on well realized settings: if that’s something you’re into, you should totally check out their Artist Focus!

Jessenia is one of the city’s premier pornstar/model/prostitute/camgirl/social media influencers in the biz (how’s that for a title?) and, ah, almost forgot…she’s also a fuckin’ vampire! Of course, she loves her work down at the local ‘gentlemen’s club’ (a term used very, very loosely) where she regularly pole dances and gets plenty of other poles in her face!    

If you’re looking for a fun, all nonsense, full assault on the senses, spit-roast bukkakke extravaganza, look no further than this crazy good set! Vivacious colors and futuristic fuck toys await a saucy vampire that seems to be hungrier for cum than blood; and she’s more than happy to display her oral fixation as she guzzles it in front of all her loving, cybernetic patrons!