Being a secret agent teaches you to deal with the unexpected. And what was more unexpected for blonde bombshell Mia than being transformed into a futa? Now that she’s back home and getting ready for the next mission, she’ll have to learn to deal with her new, massive, pussy-hungry cock. Eris3D returns with the next instalment of The Lewdist, a 100-page second chapter that’s guaranteed to heal your fear of flying!

First You Learn to Self-Fuck

Mia wakes up with a raging erection for the first time in her life. Her cock sure feels nice, and she wants to stroke it and cum from it, but she’s running late for her flight! Resourceful as she is, she decides to hide that massive dong inside her own pussy and drive to the airport. Will the flight attendant realise her passenger’s literally fucking herself constantly, feeling that massive head inside her? Mia sure is dealing with some intense stimulation, and is quick to ask for the bathroom so she can tend to her increasing horniness. Meanwhile, at the other side of the closed door, a cute, busty flight attendant is thinking to herself how boring her life is, and how much she wishes she was having fun…

First Class is First Class for Something

We don’t know about you, but we definitely want to find out which company was flying Mia, because that flight attendant? Oof, what a darling. The moment she’s invited into the bathroom to see that massive cock up in the air, she provides the best service one could ask for. The girls get naughty, kissing and touching each other… Mia’s about to lose her mind! But the flight attendant is wet, so she takes Mia to a nicer place inside the plane where they can have all the fun they need. After cumming in the flight attendant’s mouth, Mia fucks her pussy to her content. But oh? What’s happening to the flight attendant now…? Is being a dickgirl… contagious?

See it for yourself in Eris3D’s new comic, The Lewdist 2! 


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