What do resident evil, final fantasy and overwatch all have in common, besides just being videogames? Um…some can only be played on Xbox? Uh… maybe one is a playstation exclusive?

Trick question: 3DX creators love to put huge dongs on those soft gals! Say what you want about 2021, but we’ve gotten some great R34 content in the feminine dick department. Let’s review, shall we?

Sex Patrol 3, pt. 1 & 2 by Goldenmaster

R.I.S.S. is a ‘hardened’ time cop, and she knows that the only way to capture dickgirl convicts is to wear them out by fucking them. What starts as a simple job in ancient Greece, however, quickly turns into something more complex…

The notorious Lady Dimitrescu makes a spectacular appearance in the 3rd chapter of this massive set! She’s looking to suck something even more protein rich than blood, and boy is she hungry. Did I mention that she has an appetite for fisting and having feet where they shouldn’t be?

And that’s just the first part…

Already drained and exhausted, R.I.S.S. and her would-be prisoner are dismayed when the lady of the mansion goes full futa bitch-mode: claws, jaws, and a dastardly dick that’s ready to dump loads!

GoldenMaster doesn’t pull any punches: we’re talking about 196 (yes!) pages of double anal and pussy penetration, A 3-way doggy train, and double docking! How’s that for kinky?

Whorewatch by NSF

As you can guess from the title, ‘Whorewatch’ is all about everyone’s favorite petite mech pilot getting deep dicked by her ravenous roomies! Widow has an extra special sniper rifle hidden between her legs, and like every weapon in her arsenal, she keeps it locked, cocked and fully loaded! What happens when Tracer walks in on the action and catches the pair? Of course, she’s more than happy to present her own weapon of choice!

Surreal colors, deep, scintillating shadows and thick girl dicks: NSF makes sure D.va gets more than ‘watched over’ in this 100 image, 1080p set! You’ve seldom seen gamer girl models this detailed, and NSF mixes delicious textures with wanton ahegao and sci-fi esque perfection. Oral, anal, footjobs and facials: this peppy pilot definitely knows how to enjoy a day off by getting off!

Of Future and Fantasy by Nonsane

Two familiar faces, two different worlds…one huge cock…and a second, MASSIVE one! Nonsane presents another steaming, hole stretching, cum splooging sensation that’s a delight to behold. Incredibly unique, self servicing toy play coupled with mind bending auto-oral is just the beginning of this Incredible 85 HD image set. Of course, you’ll want to stay for the measuring (13 inches!) Footjobs and double blasting facials!

If you’ve seen any other of Nonsane’s ‘down to business’ hot fever dream masterpieces, you should know exactly what to expect from this tantalizing set. The themes don’t clash at all, and anything is possible in a fantasy realm, even soft, stacked babes taking huge meatrods. It all just works, to quote Nonsane, “It all fits in the end… like it always does.”