“I’m Jason McCree in short JMC.

I make 3D (not erotic) and 3DX (erotic) art and thus hence the name JMC3DX. ​

I make my 3D art with Daz Studio for about 4 years now and some other 3D apps like Blender & Zbrush.

​ I have over 25 years of experience in photo editing and 15 years in video editing which i now combine in my 3D art work. Think of clear clean and deep colors and depth of field (DOF Blurred background) Apps I use for this are Photoshop and After Effects.

You can also commission me for 3D artwork to create your very one realistic 3D model which can look like yourself or that of your own imagination. You can contact me through either twitter or through my website. ​

Have fun browsing through my Gallery here on NextGenPorn”