Our favourite futa step-sisters are moving up in life! Kylie today has an interview for a new job, and she’ll be glad to find out that the new position involves a lot of putting her dick to use, starting with the very recruiter who’s gonna interview her! Of course, she’d never leave for it before giving her sister some milky breakfast and getting some of her own.

We proudly present to you the fourth installment of Futa Twins, by 3DZen!

Protein Breakfast

No chapter of Futa Twins that praises as such can truly get started without some twin on twin action, and this one is no exception. Just when she’s headed for the interview, Kylie find Kayla jerking off to some lewd magazines, and the sight of her sister’s full erection is too tempting to ignore. She’ll entertain Kayla’s cock for a bit, as the girls will eat each other out and give each other a tall order of futa milk to start the day happy and strong!

It Was Like The Pornos After All

Once Kylie meets her stunning interviewer, her own dick jolts in enthusiasm under her clothes. Luckily for her, she won’t have to wait to get back home to tend to her lust, because, in true porn fashion, it turns out the position involves helping the Futa CEOs fuck all those horny female staff members that just can’t get enough girl dick during business hours! The interviewer is pleased to find out that Kylie has a cock of her own, which she proceeds to test the quality of right away. A couple cumshots later, the interviewer is convinced that Kylie is ready to start! She better brace herself, though: tomorrow she’ll have to bring enough cum in her balls to satiate all those horny office workers…

Get your hands now on the fourth chapter of Futa Twins, 146 2K panels of pure sisterly horniness and office dickings to brighten your day!