Eris3D has been showering us with quality futa content, and now, two more comics join our catalogue! Futa transformation, body modification, dick growth and ahegaos for days. Buckle up, dickgirl lovers, we’re going for a ride!

An Orgasmic Oopsie

A gorgeous applicant shows up for a job interview, but the busty interviewer is acting strange… She’s overly mysterious about “not touching anything”, but once she leaves, our nosy protagonist can’t help herself. She finds an intriguing machine, and starts to fiddle with it, and when she knows it, bam! The device starts sucking on her pussy, transforming her clitoris into a massive futa cock! Overwhelmed by lust, she sucks herself and gives herself a titjob, but nothing’s enough to satiate her girl dick… until the interviewer comes back, and the brand new futa jumps onto her, ready to unload her burning cum inside that tight pussy. Massive penetration, extreme anal and succulent belly bulges ensue. See the full action at Eris3D’s comic, Don’t Touch It!

Cockus Pocus!

Clara and Amy are rival magician assistants. Amy thinks she’s better because she has a cock and she’s more experienced, but tonight, Clara will have her justice. A simple magical trick will swap dick for pussy, and now, Clara is the one who calls the shots! (And the cumshots!) Amy begs to get her futa cock back, but the price to pay is high. She will deepthroat her own dick, now sticking out of Clara’s hips, and then ride it, taking a thick creampie up her new pussy. But it seems to be that, somewhere along the line, Amy starts to enjoy it… She’s not so cocky now, both literally and figuratively, but the fun has only just started. Check out now the first chapter of The Wizard, Eris3D’s new serialised erotic comic!


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