Futa3DX would like to kick off its very first monthly showcase with some of the biggest creators in the business! If you haven’t feasted your eyes on these mouthwatering titles, prepare to be blown away, because things are starting to heat up in June! You can take that literally or figuratively…whichever fits. Either way, you can be sure that our cock-toting ladies will be firing frisky white fireworks all throughout the summer.

Amy’s Big Wish – Part 1 by Agent Red Girl

Everyone knows who Agent Red Girl is, but not everyone knows how incredibly deep this creator’s catalog is!

Every legendary series has a starting point, and this well endowed entry starts HARD! Candice, affectionately known as “Candy Cane”, is a lonely futanari housewife with a massive libido and way too much time on her hands. What else is a hung woman supposed to do but whack off with all her toys and fantasize about the good times? 

Agent Red Girl’s long running “All My Roomates Love” series converges into “Amy’s Big Wish”, so don’t miss all the upcoming drama, comedy, and girly loads in future entries! 

Spa Futa Relax -by Hypercomics

Sunning by the pool beside a beautiful futanari can probably only end one way: with extra “suntan lotion” getting sprayed everywhere! This frisky bikinied blonde isn’t shy about showing what’s growing between her legs, and her scantily clad friend is more than just a little curious.Hypercomics’ presentation with this animation is gorgeously artistic, with great camera angles, fades, zooms and lighting. Cowgirl, doggy, anal while fingering: this futa really knows how to treat a lady!

Lollipop Effect – Rikolo

Rule34 beauties in a bangin’ futa foursome? Rikolo’s got it! These meat pole packin’ ladies fuck one lucky (and extremely busty!) lady in a highspeed, cum spewing office orgy. From doggy to DP and everything in between, this animation is 15 minutes of nonstop futa/futa/futa on female action! Yeah, that’s 3 times the futa, you did read that right.

Every Whim – Cop Fuckout by Futanarica

Futanarica’s been in the futa animation game for a long time, and it isn’t hard to see why. Intoxicated by their newly acquired cocks, Meg and Lola go on a saucy road trip and get way too horny! Right out in public, they decide to have some raunchy car sex. Thankfully, a nearby officer is around to set them straight! It’s a crime having public sex in front of a police officer…if she’s not involved in it!

Needless to say, the lucky lady cop gets a good, double dick hose down, in classic Futanarica fashion!

Comic updates

Futa Clinic by 3DZen

Futanari are often overly sexualized, but they’re people, too, so they need their own clinics! Thankfully, Kacie runs a top notch, state of the art clinic complete with androids, kinky robots and medical fetishes up the wazoo! Finally, a hung woman can get the care she needs from a medical professional…trained to drain gigantic girl cocks!

Okay, maybe futanari are hypersexualized because they’re hypersexual…

First Contact 1 – Goldenmaster

Looking to sink your teeth into a massive sci-fi/fantasy comedy sexcapade series? If so, take a bite out of the “First Contact” series! Goldenmaster has put so much incredible work into this gonzo space flick, it’s mind blowing! Also load blowing…lot’s and lots of loads…

Speaking of loads, Chapter 1 tells the story of how Katy, the series main protag, happened to gain her thick girlcock. We don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say the “little green aliens” aren’t all that little at all…

Alex – The new Student – Part 3 by Fab3dx

Alright, alright, alright… you know who’s underrepresented in 3DX? Femboys! Are they futanari? No, not technically, but Alex is very pretty and effeminate, and has all the necessary hardware to be a great sub…even if he’s not strictly sure what he signed up for!

Fab’s dark, seductive style lends itself perfectly to this ongoing tale of BDSM, blackmail and hot sex. Alex is in deep with his strict Mistress, Olivia, and we do mean in more ways than one. Will he be able to satisfy her ever growing demands for obedience? Will he be able to keep himself from blowing massive loads? Yeah…probably not!