Distant locations in space and time can provide stimulating scenarios for your fantasies to go wild. Sexy cyborgs, futuristic sex toys, alien creatures, body manipulation… There’s good reason why sci-fi is so popular among 3DX artists and consumers. If you’re already into this subgenre, then here are our top 3 picks for best erotic stories and image sets; and if you’re not but feel curious, now you know where to start!

Nova’s Experiment, by Fab3DX

In this futuristic neon fantasy in space, Navigation Officer Nova is having trouble with her sex urges in her lonely interstellar journey. She lies in bed, touching herself, longing for more… and more comes, in the form of a flashy futa who will gladly give Nova exactly what she wants!

The Future Sex series, by Nonsane

This four-parter will hit the sweet spot of everyone who loves sexy and thrilling stories of defiance of oppression and bigotry! Featuring a mixed cast of female and futa, the Future Sex series introduces us to a hyper technological world where sex toys have become so wild they’ve been banned by the law!

Of course, that doesn’t stop our protagonist from playing with one big dildo at home. When a cute police officer busts her, the sex toy unexpectedly turns into a futa! And you, knowledgeable reader, know exactly where that is going. After they’re done with the fun, part 3 shows us a ganbang with a squad of special officers that try to snap the officer out of her erotic trance, and in part 4 we travel to a rehab facility – let’s say neither of the two main girls becomes a nun after treatment, but rather the opposite…

Omega One on One, by Redrobot3D

In this pinup set, RedRobot introduces us to one of his most beloved characters, Omega, who takes some alone time to play with herself, her earth-shattering figure, and a very special high-tech tentacle dildo who will make her see the stars, in more than one way…

Of course we have many more interesting and very lewd 😉 sci-fi themed artwork so if these aren’t up your alley have a look at our full sci-fi themed catalog.


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