A big Fat ticket

Cops! Some people love em’ some hate em’, but regardless of anyone’s political or personal opinions, I think we can all agree that no one enjoys receiving speeding tickets. Under the best of circumstances, we’re let off with a warning, but the inconvenience of having to pull over and the stress that goes with it is no fun at all.

Of course, the process might be more bearable for some if the officer is a hot, blonde bombshell, just make sure she doesn’t whip out her foot long ‘nightstick’ and ask to do a cavity search…

Wait a minute, that all sounds familiar… 

Pull over Plaything

“Futa stop 2” is a right into the action sequel that takes our petite asian sub from car to caged! What started as a simple arrangement to get out of a speeding ticket has turned into a once in a lifetime femdom futanari adventure that both her and her needy pussy couldn’t say no to.

Nonsane continues to dish out so many fetishes in one seamless package that it can be hard to keep up! This oral fixated speedster is more than happy to play house with her new mistress, and when this dirty cop comes home from work, she’s looking to get down and dirty with her new plaything!

Small tits, tons of sex toys and one huge cock: this part 2 features double the amount of cum (that’s not an exaggeration) and ahegao expressions deliciously garnished into BDSM themes. Besides the usual anal and blowjob antics, Nonsane throws in some rare futa penetration (those pussies aren’t just for show!) and of course, angelic angles that show every hole being stuffed to the brim.

Nonsane proves once again why they’re one of the best in the genre, not just with the quality, but with sheer creative pizazz! This set belongs in your futa/dickgirl collection just like a sub belongs squarely in front of her designated fuck machine. How’s that for justice?