Cock in Common

What do futuristic and fantasy realms have in common? Maybe a lot, but the answer we’re looking for is the one that the Grey Dorian gives us: outrageously attractive chicks with mouthwateringly massive dicks!

Incidentally, we’ve got 2 new animations in the store by this exceptional creator. If you haven’t seen what the Grey Dorian has to offer, well…it’s a ton! Amazing voice acting, full length, story driven action, and a style that’s as chic and dreamy as it is hot and steamy!  

Appreciators of futa on male pairings will want to pay particular attention…

An Evening to Remember

When the beautiful elven ambassador graces the court with her presence, the King and Queen do everything in their power to make her stay unforgettable. Rumors of their ‘hospitality’ have surely spread throughout the lands, but the royal, hung couple doesn’t want to lay it on too thick, so they decide to send the King alone.

Luckily, Queen Titania has her favorite stud on call to perform his ‘duties’ and the visit turns into a hot blooded night of pussy pounding and frotting!

This well endowed dick-namic duo has everything they need and more to give the ambassador   “An Evening to Remember”! 

This animation is not only well voiced, but it’s also fully twenty minutes long! The Grey Dorian does an excellent job tying their stories together, so if you’re following the series, be sure to watch till the end!

Fortunate Encounter

Fast forward to Dorian’s cybersexy future, where everything is edgy and the girls are always horny! That’s the problem Ella has in “Fortunate Encounter”: does a girl really have to go all the way home in such a massive city just to jill off? Hell no!

This punky blonde finds a nice quiet alley and gets to work fingering and teasing herself into ecstasy, but she climaxes so hard that she passes out right in her hood!

‘Fortunately’ a wily, wandering fuck-bot has been eyeing her, and this particular model cums standard with ‘extra equipment’! Ella might have been on the fence about fuck-bots in the past, but she quickly becomes a believer when she gets eaten out and doggy style slammed and creamed into new heights of pleasure! Be sure to stay tuned till the end for a bonus male on futa facial!