Big futas from Hell with demonic monstrous cock. What’s not to like about them? From the mysterious depths of the bottomless pit, a slew of dark seductresses and horny beasts come to prey on arrogant priestesses and unsuspecting pure maidens ready to be corrupted. If this sounds right down your alley, here’s our best picks of hellish erotic stories and sets you can treat yourself with today.

The Bitcher – by Redrobot3D

Monster hunter Siri, armed with her sharp sword and her very minimalistic set of armor – she likes to travel light! – heads to a monastery with a quest: rescue the innkeeper’s daughter, who has been cursed with an abominable hungry dick! On top of that, now she’s a furry werewolf who will take no prisoners and attack at the first chance to satisfy her instinctive lust! Will Siri overpower the beast or will she find herself moaning at the mercy of that huge canine dick?

Tales of Hallow – Goblin Layer, by RedRobot3D

The busty ebony beauty Hallow, one of the most praised characters RedRobot 3D has ever created, is on a quest to collect a key ingredient for her latest magical potion: goblin cum. Luckily for her, and for us, she knows what needs to be done, and in the blink of an eye, she ventures right in the middle of a gang of horny goblins.

A Night With Consequences, by Morfium

What do you get when you gather a smoking blonde, a very generously endowed futa, a mansion and more sex toys than you can count? That, my friend, is what we like to call here “fine entertainment”. Join Liria and Gwen in a night of naughty fun and surprising twists and turns!

Hellwhore, by RedRobot3D

When the novice yet very ambitious sorceress Celeste summons the mytical Hellwhore, succubus of all succubi, only interesting things can happen. Each one of them has their own agenda, and wants to subdue the other into obedience. With one glowy dick and two mighty female silhouettes, their bodies clash at each other, and only one can rise triumphant!


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