Do you know The Merovingian? No, I’m not talking about the Frankish dynasty (just in case you thought I was) I’m talking about the massively talented 3DX creator! If you think 3D porn is too ‘tame’ and ‘predictable’, you should really take a look at the Merovingian’s Public sex angel set! Like dirty public bathroom sex? You’re probably gonna like this even more…

Tatiana is a fun loving short stack who just has too many fun things to do besides study. Between hanging out with friends, dating and chilling on campus, who has time be anal about grades?

Her professor, apparently…

The Merovingian pulls out all the stops and plugs them up with one huge cock in ‘Bad Grades”! Tatiana’s gotten one too many F’s for not giving enough F’s about studying, and what goes around, comes around…to pull down her tube top and feel up her big breasts!

Nothing tame about it, this 67 page set is packed with BDSM power themes and eager oral as this small yet mighty, glasses wearing college gal becomes a quid pro quo ho! The professor demands more than just an oral exam: Tatiana might even have to use her dainty feet to pleasure the ticked off tutor, but in the end, she doesn’t seem to mind…not even when her big ass gets stuffed to capacity!

As this awesome creator establishes their presence here on NGP, we can already tell that we’ll be seeing a lot more creampie cuties who would rather give a blowjob than study. If you still think 3DX isn’t ‘hardcore’ enough for you, the Merovingian seems to be out to prove that misconception wrong!