Isn’t it unfair that characters in an 80’s style slasher movie can’t just fuck in peace? What is it with serial killers and their need to make every horny teenager into a shish-kebab? Can’t he just watch? Join? Maybe walk away and give them some space? Just saying!

We gotta give it to The Lost Boyz for setting thins right with their latest release on NGP, Final Girls, from their Sorority Row Collection. 221 4K panels (with and without text) plus a whole pinup gallery to finally show the world that the “final girls” of a slasher movie- er, comic, don’t have to be anywhere near virginal to make it alive! Or do they?

Goodbye Ghostface, Hello O-Face!

This fantastic parody combines a love letter to the 80’s slasher genre and a love whole mailing list to beautiful girls of all kinds. This is a slasher story, after all: they’re hot, they’re horny, they’re on vacation in a paradisiac destination, and not even the presence of a lurking serial killer will stop them from sucking and riding all the cock they want. Girls on bikinis, from the ebony and ivory kinds, get naughty with each other and with the boys they came with (literally!), getting their mandatory holiday creampies and eating pussy and dick alike.

But what about the killer that’s on the loose? The moans of pleasure and screams of ecstasy will attract this mysterious figure, and one by one the victims will perish in the campiest, most eighty-est way possible! Who will make it? Who will be dispatched by this maniac? Will the killer get some, in the end? Will they all cum happily ever after?

If you love yourself some slasher parody and some steaming hot vacationing chicks, then you must put your hands right now on The Lost Boyz’s Final Girls comic, available now on NGP!